Astrology: Self Care Tips for Venus' Summer Retrograde

Astrology: Self Care Tips for Venus' Summer Retrograde

By our resident Astrologer, Narayana Montúfar 

VENUS' SUMMER RETROGRADE, 22nd July - 3rd September 

You are on the verge of a powerful transformation, do you feel it? 

From the 22nd July to the 3rd September, the planet of pleasure, love, money and relationships will be moving backward in the sky. The retrogrades of Venus are felt intensely by all zodiac signs - however, they are huge opportunities to revive our approach toward all the most cherished things in our lives. 

During the six weeks Venus is in retrograde in Leo, the social scene might feel boring at times. You might notice that the usual colours, tunes and vibes no longer excite you. And you might feel your heart begging you to go take bigger risks and chase the new flavours and vista. Will you dare to hear the universe's call? 

This is the time to embrace a radical stand and be your most unapologetic, authentic self! 

When it comes to relationships, you might also feel like a strange undercurrent is taking over the interactions and conversations with your pals - but don't fret! This is a normal process that occurs every eighteen months that seeks to remind us to only focus our precious energy on the people who truly light our inner fire. So basically, if someone isn't reflecting your inner magic back to you, take this as your cosmic permission to begin illuminating new paths. 




Meditate with or wear yellow crystals like Citrine, Amber and Yellow Calcite - especially on the days you feel your energy is a bit low. 

Perform candlelight meditations to improve relaxation, concentration and focus. This activity is especially beneficial on Sundays, the day of the week ruled by the Sun. 

Citrine, The Stone of Creativity


Imagine a bright green light taking over your Heart Chakra whenever making important decisions. 

This Summer, embracing radical self-love will open the doors to growth and positive transformation. Match this new found energy with the stone of universal love, Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz, The Stone of Universal Love


Whenever feeling anxious, journaling can help calm down the mind and even extract good ideas for the future. Take stock of your closest connections by exploring the give-and-take, and don't be afraid of asking for what your heart truly desires. 

Reach for Amazonite during this time, as it opens the Heart and Throat Chakras to enhance loving communication. 

Amazonite, The Crystal of Communication


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