ASTROLOGY: The Summer 2023 Reinvention Deepens

ASTROLOGY: The Summer 2023 Reinvention Deepens

Via our resident Astrologer, Narayana Montúfar

Do you hear the call to go within? Unlike the loud and outwardly energy of any typical Summer, the Summer of 2023 feels like a powerful incubator that seeks to assist you in a big process of reinvention! A total of six planets are slowly moving backward in the sky. Mirroring this movement, we are experiencing slow progress due to the need to review and rethink how we approach many areas of our lives. So, if you’re feeling low energy at times and even a lack of inspiration—you’re not alone!

This need to review the past is not necessarily a call to go back to previous situations. Instead, it is an opportunity to review strategies in order to “perfect them.” Via perceived setbacks and delays, the cosmos is now providing you the chance to slow down so you can make sure that your actions truly come from the right place: your heart!

How to Work with Retrograde Energy

VENUS & RELATIONSHIPS: Since 22nd July, Venus has been requesting us to take a hard, cold look at our closest connections. This journey hasn’t been easy—however, it has helped us realise what we truly want and desire in this area of our lives! The good news is that on 3rd September, Venus goes direct, when relationships begin going back to normal, getting us closer to those who are truly aligned with our energy. 

MERCURY & YOUR MIND/BODY/SPIRIT CONNECTION: The planet of communication—Mercury—takes the self-study party to a climax by going retrograde between 23rd August and 15th September! During this time, our minds will be working overtime, exposing imbalances within our routines as well as wellness habits! 

Below are some practices that can help you find calm in moments of stress: 

  • Whenever your mind is racing, try taking a whole afternoon away from social media. Reading a book and totally unplugging might be what your mind needs now. 
  • Reconnecting with the Earth by walking barefoot in a park or the beach brings a grounding feeling to your body. This practice is especially helpful before important meetings or when making decisions. 
  • Clear energy out of your mind but also from your physical body and spaces. The end of August and the beginning of September (which is the beginning of Virgo season) are the perfect weeks to detoxify your body with a juice cleanse and clean the darkest corners of your home.

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