Five Ways Crystals Can Help Boost Your Mood

Five Ways Crystals Can Help Boost Your Mood

How are you currently feeling? Tired? Confused? Overwhelmed? Anxious? 

Here's how to use crystals in your daily life. 

You can get support from crystals in every aspect of your life. Utilising crystals can help you release some of the negative emotions you may be experiencing and rekindle your sense of balance, vitality, creativity and self-love. Crystals have powerful energetic vibrations and healing energies. 


Here are some of our favourite crystals and activities that will help you find the balance. 

1. Clam your anxieties with Amethyst 

A natural tranquiliser, Amethyst is the perfect crystal to calm anxiety. To benefit from its soothing energy, try meditating or having a relaxing bath with Amethyst nearby. I also love utning in to my favourite playlist, taking a walk in the park and recognising my space. 

2. Banish your fears with Labradorite 

This beautiful iridescent stone is charged with positivity. Dispelling any negative energy around you. It is the perfect crystal to help fight fear and insecurity. If you are struggling with feeling out of control then journaling can help to restore a sense of peace within the mind. 

3. Create purpose with Citrine 

It can be hard to find a sense of purpose with everything that is going on in the world. If you're feeling unmotivated, Citrine is the crystal for you. It has the power to cleanse, regenerate and boost your creativity. If I ever feel flat I set small, achievable goals to provide structure to the day. Moving your body is also an amazing way to clear stagnation, yoga, walking or dancing will make you feel vibrant again. 

4. Find your balance with Aventurine 

It sometimes feels like things are off balance. At one moment, we can be filled with exhaustion; at another, we are hopeful and positive. Aventurine is my favourite crystal to get grounded and regain some balance. If you're feeling all over the place, set yourself up with a structured morning routine. 

5. Shift loneliness to self-love with Rose Quartz 

Open your heart with Rose Quartz. If you're alone or feeling lonvely, now is the time to invest in yourself. Wearing Rose Quartz will help you to get closer to inner peace. Try reaching out to an old friend for advice or support. 

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