How to do a New Moon Ritual

How to do a New Moon Ritual

With the fresh energy of the new moon, we should turn our attention to manifestation and setting new intentions. Crystals can play an important role in this, serving as channels for energy and intention. Let's explore how you can make the most of the new moon's energy to recharge, cleanse and infuse your crystals with a new purpose. 


Recharging Your Crystals in the Moonlight

Place your crystals outside or on a windowsill where they can bask in the soft glow of the new moon. Allow them to absorb the lunar energy, recharging their vibrations and revitalising their metaphysical properties. 


Cleansing Rituals for Crystal Clarity 

Crystals, like us, can accumulate energetic residue over time. To ensure their energies remain pure, consider these cleansing rituals: 

Water Cleansing: 

Gently rinse your crystals under cool, running water. Visualise any accumulated negativity washing away, leaving your crystals refreshed and revitalised. 

Salt Bath: 

Submerge your crystals in a bowl of saltwater, ensuring they are fully covered. The saltwater absorbs negative energies, purifying the crystals. 

Smoke Cleansing: 

Pass your crystals through the smoke of sage or palo santo. As the fragrant smoke envelops each crystal, imagine it purifying and clearing away any lingering energies. 


Setting Intentions

As the moon begins its waxing phase, it's time to infuse your crystals with your intentions. Find a quiet space where you can connect with the energy of your crystals and the lunar cycle:


Hold your crystals in your hands and enter a meditative state. Visualise the energy of the new moon infusing your crystals with the intentions you wish to set. 


Speak your intentions aloud as you hold each crystal. Let the words resonate with the energy of the crystals, creating a harmonious alignment between your desires and the crystals's properties. 


As you try these rituals, remember that working with crystals during the new moon is all about self-discovery and empowerment. Each crystal carries its unique energy, ready to support you. Whether you're seeing clarity, love or abundance, the new moon provides a positive space to align your intentions with the universe. 

New Moons occur around the 12th - 15th of the month, at various times of day. 

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