How to incorporate crystals in your daily routine

How to incorporate crystals in your daily routine

Let's explore how you can use crystals in your daily routine. 

They are the perfect tool to use throughout the day to relieve stress and keep you motivated to put your best foot forward. 

Morning Routine: 

Start your day right by choose a crystal that aligns with your intention. A Clear Quartz to amplify focus, or a calming Amethyst to set a peaceful tone. Your intuition will guide you. Hold it close during morning meditation or place it on your desk for a subtle energy boost. 

Desk Decoration for an Extra Energy Boost: 

Level up your workspace with crystals like Citrine for abundance or Fluorite for mental clarity. They're not just beautiful desk accessories but energetic companions, creating an atmosphere that fuels productivity. 

Evening Wind-Down:

As the evening approaches, invite tranquility with crystals like Selenite known for its calming properties. Place it by your bedside to release the day's stress. You could also try using a Rose Quartz facial massage tool to help release any tensions that might have built up during the day. This lovely self care moment can also be a great time to reflect on the day and the things that went well. You could even try saying a mantra as you look back at yourself in the mirror. For example, 'I am enough'. 

Gratitude Journaling: 

Before getting into bed can be a great time to list down some things that you are grateful for as it helps you to regain perspective and see the bigger picture. This experience can be enhanced by incorporating crystals. Choose a stone that you feel drawn to and you feel resonates with what you are feeling. For example, choose Rose Quartz to infuse your words with love or Citrine to remain positive. Using crystals helps guide you through this mindful moment. 

Cleansing with the Moon: 

Take your crystals outside for a moonlight cleanse, leave them in a safe place outside or just line them up on your windowsill. It's not just about cleansing, it's a moment to connect them back to the moon's energy. As long as they are under the night sky they will recharge and absorb the celestial vibes. 

How do you use crystals in your day? Feel free to share your stories or any queries you might have, we love to hear from our community. 

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