Tarot Magic: 5 Ways to Start your Tarot Journey

Tarot Magic: 5 Ways to Start your Tarot Journey

Introducing our newest guest editor, Tarot card maestro, Sophie Louise Clark. We are so excited to be teaming up with Sophie and learning more about the world of tarot cards and how they can be incorportated into our daily lives, and combined with the power crystals. 

For centuries, Tarot has been used for guidance and insight. Each card is full of imagery and symbolism that gently give our subconscious a nudge, lighting up our intuition. It's less about predicting the future and more about reflecting on life and what's on our mind. 

So how can we use Tarot to unlock our personal power? Here's five steps below to get your started on your tarot journey. 

1. Pick a deck that speaks to you

With hundreds of beautiful tarot decks out there, it can feel overwhelming to choose your first one. Focus on choosing a deck that you are drawn to; whether it's the colours, shape or illustration style of the cards. This will help you connect with the imagery and as a result, learn the message of each card more easily. 

Versions of the traditional Raider Waite Smith deck are always a great place to start or visiting shops such as Watkins Books or She's Lost Control, where you can see a myriad of decks all at once. 

2. Find a daily practice

Once you've found your deck, the first thing to do is get to know your cards and establish a relationship with them. Make the cards part of your daily routine. Each day, shuffle your deck and pull one card. Look at the imagery and spend five minutes jotting down words and thoughts that the card brings to mind. If you make this a morning practice, you can keep your card in mind throughout the day which will help you connect to your deck on a deeper level. 

3. Create a space for your readings 

Think about the energy of where you do your readings. Create an environment that feels inviting to you - it's important as you want to be open and ready to explore your thoughts with your deck. Set the tone by lighting a candle or burning palo santo or incense to set an intention. This will cleanse both your physical and mental space ready for your reading. 

4. Don't panic! 

Try to have playfulness and sense of humour with your deck. There's some powerful imagery in tarot and cards such as The Tower, Death and the Hanged Man can all seem shocking when you first start working with them. Just remember death doesn't actually mean death. In tarot, the Grim Reaper is a sign of change and transformation - you can't become something new without the loss of something else. 

5. Explore three-card spreads

When you feel like you've connected with your deck through daily practice, start to experiment with the three-card readings. This is a great way to get more insight from the cards and will help you to start building a narrative through the images of the cards. 

Past, Present, Future or situation, Action, Outcome are great three-card spreads for beginners. 


Sophie Louise Clark, Writer, Art Director & Tarot Reader. 
Formally a Conde Nast Fashion Editor, Sophie has always used visuals to explore everyday narratives and now uses Tarot to do the same thing. Having personally worked with Tarot as a healing tool, Sophie begun studying the art of Tarot Reading and Psychological Astrology at the London School of Astrology. Now, five years on, she works with this introspective tool to help people find the answers they are looking for - or perhaps didn't even know they needed. 
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