Everything you need to know about Tarotscopes

Everything you need to know about Tarotscopes

Discover what's in store for you with Tarotscopes written by Sophie Louise Clark.

Combining Astrology, Tarot and the magic of TBalance Crystals, find your start sign and read what the cosmos has to offer you over the next few weeks. 


Aries: The World

Something you've been working towards has come full circle, Aries. Remember a time when, where you are right now was just a dream? Well now it's your reality. Take a moment of pause to celebrate and appreciate the world you have created for yourself. 

Crystal recommendation: Moonstone 

As one cycle closes another is soon to begin look to Moonstone to support you. 


Taurus: Queen of Cups 

Embrace your emotions and let them guide your intuition. How are you feeling right now? Chances are those feelings have the answer that you need right now. Remember to nurture yourself just as you would a loved one. 

Crystal recommendation: Rose Quartz

Prioritise self-love with the help of restorative Rose Quartz. 


Gemini: Knight of Swords

As an Air sign, you're likely used to racing thoughts and fast-paced ideas. The Knight of Swords encourages you to charge ahead with these ideas. You know what you want and you have plenty of thoughts on how to get it. It's time to turn these thoughts into action. 

Crystal recommendation: Malachite

You're making wise choices right now and transforming your thoughts into reality. Let Malachite support your manifestations further. 


Cancer: Knight of Pentacles

You might feel as though things aren't moving fast enough for you right now, Cancer but the the new opportunities are coming in at a steady pace. That's because one they arrive they are here to stay. Secure blessings are on en route to you. Just be patient. 

Crystal recommendation: Tiger's Eye

Practice grounding rituals with the power of Tiger's Eye. 


Leo: Page of Cups

You have a gut feeling about something right now, don't you Leo? Your intuition is stronger than ever right now. Don't ignore its messages. These signs and feelings are coming to the surface right now for a reason. 

Crystal recommendation: Clear Quartz

Raise your vibration and amplify you intuition with the power of Clear Quartz. 


Virgo: Seven of Wands

You're being called to stand your ground right now, Virgo. Whatever it is you feel strongly about, have the courage and determination to push forward with it. It's clearly something you value and believe in. 

Crystal recommendation: Aquamarine

The stone of courage, Aquamarine will support your inner strength to push forward. 


Libra: Eight of Swords

You might feel trapped in your own thoughts right now and it's stopping you from moving forward. Sure, there are obstacles in the way but your thoughts on loop are no longer serving you. Shift your mindset and the exit path will become a lot easier to navigate. 

Crystal recommendation: Ametrine 

This stone will encourage you to explore all possibilities and promote optimism. 


Scorpio: The Empress

The Empress rests on a cushion of Venus - the planet of love, beauty and abundance. She easily taps deep into her creativity. Let inspiration flow through you whatever it might be and find ways to express it organically - through art, dance, writing - pleasure for pleasure's sake is your focus right now. 

Crystal recommendation: Pink Tourmaline

This stone of passion will guide you back to everything you love. 


Sagittarius: Six of Wands

You're getting the recognition you truly deserve. Or if you haven't yet, it's certainly coming your way this month! This is the card of success, victory and achievement. Everyone is cheering for you. Don't forget to celebrate yourself. 

Crystal recommendation: Carnelian

Trust in the empowering magic of Carnelian to keep you motivated. 


Capricorn: Six of Cups

This Six of Cups is encouraging you to stop and smell the roses. Are you taking enough time out of your day to appreciate the small things? You're being called to take time out and reconnect with life's simple pleasures. 

Crystal recommendation: Amethyst

Embrace the cleansing powers of Amethyst and add an element of calm to your day to day. 


Aquarius: The Chariot

Remember you're in the driving seat, Aquarius. You can change route, shift gears and up the pace whenever you want. If you haven't felt in control of your journey recently, this is your reminder to pick up the reins and get back on track with your intentions. It's go time! 

Crystal recommendation: Sodalite

Bring order and calm back into your life with the power of Sodalite. 


Pisces: King of Swords

This is the card of clarity. Chances are you've just made a decision about something or you're about to. The King of Swords is the voice of truth, logic and wisdom. Take this as confirmation that you're doing the right thing.  

Crystal recommendation: Fluorite

This stone will encourage you to keep seeing the bigger picture. 


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