Astrology: You Are Being Gifted a New Beginning

Astrology: You Are Being Gifted a New Beginning

Harness the renewal of the Fall Equinox

Astrology with Narayana Montufar 

Tired of the Summer of tough lessons and retrogrades? No zodiac sign would deny that life's been real! 

But guess what? You are being gifted a new beginning! On Friday 22nd September, the bright Sun experiences a powerful rebirth, heralding the arrival of the Fall Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere. As our star rebirths itself, so do we! Since this is a clean slate, shake off the past and move into your future. Below are the energetic signatures that you can expect over the season ahead. 

Honouring Fall 2023


This area of life remains important over the season ahead as we're inspired to find the perfect balance between true intimacy and a healthy sense of individuality. Don't be afraid of being 'strategic' in this part of your life and calling things as they are within your most important bonds. Getting real now will set you up for success in October all the way through 2024! 
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Career & Self-Care

Over the new few months, we will be very career-orientated, due to the Moon being in Capricorn in the astrological chart of the Fall Equinox 2023. 

This devotion to our business, legacy, or craft will be strong - however, at times it could make us forget to take breaks and practice self-care. When looking back, remember that your best work is birthed when you're feeling nurtured and happy! 

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Masculine Energy

Regardless of our sign or gender, it will be key to invest time and effort in balancing our masculine and feminine sides. 
Whenever you witness arguments or debates - especially from 26th September to 12th October - stay diplomatic while being a champion for what is right. 
Yes, even women are carriers of Divine Masculine energy, so take a stand in your community and see the world around you change. 


Feminine Energy

One of the most fascinating asteroids that travels in the asteroid belt, Vesta, known in mythology as the goddess of sacred devotion, will be in the skies of Cancer. Later this season, Vesta will team up with Scorpio season to thin the veil, opening the door to incoming messages from our spirit guides, angels and ancestors. While this energy will be particularly strong between 23rd October and 21st November, we can now begin accessing this outer-worldly magic by focusing on rituals.
Awaken your inner goddess by putting together an altar, including your favourite crystals and Tarot cards, for the season ahead! 
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