TBalance Crystals was founded by Holistic Health Coach Tori Boughey in 2019. Crystals have always been a big part of Tori’s life but it was when she started gifting bracelets to her clients that she truly saw the magical healing effects that the crystals could have. 

At the heart of TBalance Crystals lies the power of self love and intention. Each crystal bracelet is strung with crystals and lettered beads that spell out positive affirmations; a constant reminder to support a journey towards achieving happiness and balance. 

Tori is passionate about educating people on the incredible powers that crystals have; “With their abundant healing powers, our crystal bracelets have the ability to amplify what we might be missing in our daily lives. They can keep us inspired, soothe our anxieties or energise us. There is a crystal for everyone and every emotion - wear one or wear them all to raise your vibrations and feel the magic.”

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Our responsibility

All of our pieces are wholly made by hand in London by our intimate team of skilled jewellery makers. This is so important to us and allows for a completely transparent production chain. Every piece is made with love and care.

All of our crystals are responsibly sourced and the majority of the materials that we use to make our jewellery is sourced in the UK. We are proud that 100% of our packaging is sustainably sourced within the UK.

Our vision

We want to help and heal as many people as we can with the incredible energetic healing powers of crystals. We also exist to educate people about the kaleidoscope of healing powers that crystals hold whilst finding subtle, creative ways to bring that power into our day-to-day lives.

Our contribution

Spreading love and hope lies at the heart of our brand ethos which is why we are thrilled to be partnered with the wonderful charity, Choose Love

Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with the support they need during times of crisis. The funds raised from this bracelet will go to refugees worldwide to buy food and essential medical supplies as well as funding desperately needed legal support to get the most vulnerable people to safety. It will also provide trauma-informed care for Ukraine citizens who have had to flee their homes to find safety and vital assistance as they begin to rebuild their lives in a new place.

Since 2022 we are proud to have raised over £14,000 for the charity with our Choose Love bracelet. With your help, we can continue to make a difference. 

Find out more about Choose Love here.