For Those Trying to Get Pregnant

For Those Trying to Get Pregnant

The path to parenthood can be beautiful, draining and stressful all at once. Whether you are struggling to get pregnant, going through IVF or looking for guidance during your pregnancy, we are here to support you. 

As many will know, the best crystal for you is Moonstone. It has a wonderful ability to balance and stabilise energies while relieving stress and is great for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Tori wore her Moonstone pieces constantly throughout her own fertility journey. She also mentioned Carnelian is great for stamina throughout the birthday process! 

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For those going through IVF

Trust Clear Quartz, it will be a great assistance in amplifying your intentions, whilst elevating any other crystals you are wearing. 

For when the going gets tough and you can't see the path ahead, Citrine, it will uplift low moods and give you strength to find hope again. 

Finally, surround yourself in loving energy with Rose Quartz, fertility can be a time of stress and endless change - it will help you stay soothed and bring you confidence, and compassion. 


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The most important Crystals for feritility:  

Aventurine - balance and prosperity 
Amethyst - tranquilising and calming 
Aquamarine - communication and courage 
Carnelian - empowering and motivating 
Citrine - creativity and abundance 
Clear Quartz - energising and powerful 
Fluorite - order and structure 
Moonstone - to support you on this new beginning 
Rose Quartz - universal love and trust 




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